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Equipment used by the District. Not everything we use is listed, but the main tools and vehicles used in district operations are below.

  • ¾ ton four wheel drive Chevy trucks with utility boxes
  • Toyota four-wheel drive crew cab trucks
  • Argo ATV
  • Polaris ATV
  • Truck mounted London Fog and Microgen ultra-low volume sprayers
  • Truck mounted tank and hose reel sprayers
  • 17-foot boat
  • 5-gallon backpack sprayers
  • CDC carbon dioxide mosquito traps
  • New Jersey mosquito light traps
  • Hand held 1-pint sampling dippers
  • Safety gear (gloves, eye wear, coveralls, ear plugs, etc.)
  • Shovels, pick-ax, handsaws, chain saws, pruners
  • Stihl gas powered weed cutter
  • Welders, grinders, shop tools for equipment fabrication and repair
  • Live chickens (sentinel mosquito-borne virus testing program)

Mosquito predators used by the District:

Mosquitofish (Gambusia affinis)

Pesticides used by the District:
(includes but is not limited to)

  • Bti (Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensisinactivated bacterial spores)
  • Bs (Bacillus sphaericus, live bacterium)
  • Methoprene (insect growth regulator)
  • Pyrethrin (dust and liquid formulations)
  • BVA-2 petroleum distillate (surfactant)
  • Synthetic Pyrethroids (dust and liquid formulations)
  • Spinosad (bacterial byproduct)