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Community Education

Community education is an excellent tool employed by this District to control organisms of public health concern. This strategy requires that the District’s personnel inform the public about the different ways to prevent mosquito and vector problems. Informational brochures, presentations to schools, clubs and associations, participation in fairs, local trade shows and local community activities, and participation on local wetlands enhancement and restoration projects all help to bring to light the many different ways that mosquitoes and vectors can be safely controlled or prevented.

The thrust of community education is to prevent problems before they occur rather than react to them. Ultimately, this enhances the environment by minimizing the presence of these pests while also reducing the use of insecticides. The down side to this strategy is that it can be very costly both in materials and labor because it requires a continuous effort to prevent the citizenry from forgetting what they have learned.

Due to the fact that the population dynamics of any given community is constantly changing, the need for a solid and continuous outreach program becomes more necessary.