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°C - degrees Celsius

°F - degrees Fahrenheit

µg/kg - microgram(s) per kilogram

µg/L - microgram(s) per lite

µg/m3 - microgram(s) per cubic meter

2,4-D - 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid

AB - Assembly Bill

AMM - Avoidance and minimization measure

APAP - Aquatic Pesticide Application Plan

APEs - alkylphenol ethoxylates

ATCM - Airborne Toxics Control Measure

ATSB - Attractive Toxic Sugar Bait

ATV - all-terrain vehicle

BAAQMD - Bay Area Air Quality Management District

Basin Plan - Water Quality Control Plan

BASMAA - Bay Area Stormwater Management Agencies Association

BCDC - San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission

BDCP - Bay Delta Conservation Plan

BMP - best management practice

BP - boiling point

Bs - Bacillus sphaericus

BTEX - benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylenes

Bti - Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis

CAA - Clean Air Act of 1970

CAAQS - California Ambient Air Quality Standards

CAL FIRE - California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection

Cal-EPA - California Environmental Protection Agency

CARB - California Air Resources Board

CCD - colony collapse disorder

CCR - California Code of Regulations

CDC - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

CDFA - California Department of Food and Agriculture

CDFW - California Department of Fish and Wildlife (formerly Fish and Game [CDFG])

CDPH - California Department of Public Health (formerly Health Services [CDHS])

CDPR - California Department of Pesticide Regulation

CDR - Chemical Date Reporting

CEC - California Energy Commission

CEDEN - California Environmental Data Exchange Network

CEQA - California Environmental Quality Act

CESA - California Endangered Species Act

CFR - Code of Federal Regulations

CH4 - methane

CNDDB - California Natural Diversity Database

CNEL - Community Noise Equivalent Level

CO - carbon monoxide

CO2 - carbon dioxide

CO2e - carbon dioxide equivalent(s)

CTS - California tiger salamander

CWA - Clean Water Act

dB - decibel(s)

dBA - A-weighted sound level/decibel(s)

Delta - Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta

District/NCMAD - Napa County Mosquito Abatement District

DPM - diesel particulate matter

DPS - Distinct Population Segment

ESA - Endangered Species Act

FAA - Federal Aviation Administration

FHSZ - Fire Hazard Severity Zone

FIFRA - Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act

GHG - greenhouse gas

GPS - global positioning system

GWP - global warming potential

HCP - Habitat Conservation Plan

HPS - Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome

IGR - Insect growth regulator

IMVMP - Integrated Mosquito and Vector Management Program

Program/IMVMP - Integrated Mosquito and Vector Management Program

IPCC - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

IPM - Integrated Pest Management

IVM - Integrated Vector Management

IVMP - Integrated Vector Management Program

LC50 - 50 percent lethal concentration

LCAQMD - Lake County Air Quality Management District

LD50 - 50 percent lethal dose

Ldn - day/night average sound level

Leq - energy-equivalent sound/noise descriptor

LOAEL - lowest observed adverse effect level

LS - less than significant

MBTA - Migratory Bird Treaty Act

MCLs - Maximum Contaminant Levels

MEI - Maximally Exposed Individual

mg/kg - milligram(s) per kilogram

mg/L - milligram(s) per liter

MMT - million metric tonne(s)

MSDS - material safety data sheet

MT - metric tonne(s)

N - no impact

N2O - nitrous oxide

NAAQS - National Ambient Air Quality Standards

NCMAD - Napa County Mosquito Abatement District

NCPP - Natural Community Conservation Plan

ng/L - nanogram(s) per liter

NMFS - National Marine Fisheries Service

NO - nitric oxide

NO2 - nitrogen dioxide

NOAA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

NOAEL - no observed adverse effect level

NOP - Notice of Preparation

NOX - nitrogen oxides

NPCD - Napa County Planning Division

NPDES - National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System

NSCAPCD - Northern Sonoma County Air Pollution Control District

NWR - National Wildlife Refuge

O3 - ozone

OP - organophosphate

PAHs - polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

PAP - Pesticide Application Plan (NPDES)

Pb - lead

PBO - piperonyl butoxide

PCBs - polychlorinated biphenyls

PEIR - Programmatic Environmental Impact Report

PERP - Portable Equipment Registration Program

PHG - Public Health Goal

PM10 - respirable particulate matter

PM2.5 - fine particulate matter

POD - pelagic organism decline

POM - particulate organic matter

ppb - part(s) per billion

ppm - part(s) per million

ppmv - part(s) per million by volume

ppt - part(s) per trillion

RHA - Rivers and Harbors Act

ROC - reactive organic compound

ROG - reactive organic gas

RWQCB - Regional Water Quality Control Board

SB - Senate Bill

SCP - Scientific Collecting Permit

SCWA - Solano County Water Agency

SF6 - sulfur hexafluoride

SFBAAB - San Francisco Bay Area Air Basin

SIP - State Implementation Plan

SLE - Saint Louis encephalitis

SM - potentially significant but mitigable

SO2 - sulfur dioxide

SU - significant and unavoidable

SVOC - semivolatile organic compound

SWRCB - California State Water Resources Control Board

TMDL - total maximum daily load

ULV - ultralow volume

USACE - US Army Corps of Engineers

USC - United States Code

USEPA - US Environmental Protection Agency

USFS - US Forest Service

USFWS - US Fish and Wildlife Service

VCAPCD - Ventura County Air Pollution Control District

VOC - volatile organic compound

VVOC - very volatile organic compound

WEE - western equine encephalomyelitis

WNV - West Nile virus

YNHP - Yolo Natural Heritage Program

YSAQMD - Yolo-Solano Air Quality Management District